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about us

Welcome to Pcube, Your Wellness App!

Do you struggle with anxiety, depression, stress, creative blocks, smoking addiction, or other challenges? Do you want to improve your relaxation, sleep, and overall well-being? If yes, then Pcube is the app for you!

Pcube is a revolutionary wellness app that merges innovative science-backed solutions and the latest technical developments in the wellness sphere. Pcube helps you address various challenges and achieve your wellness goals with ease and efficiency.

Discover how Pcube's virtual wellness rooms can transform your life with science-based solutions. Pcube uses Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Alternative Binaural Sound (ABS), and Color (chroma) Therapy to help you process your problems and enhance your positive emotions.

With Pcube, you can access a variety of wellness programs tailored to your specific needs, such as:

- Problem Processor: Identify and overcome your negative emotions and beliefs with guided sessions and evaluations.

- Crisis Management: Find and install positive beliefs to cope with difficult situations and emergencies.

- Daily Maintenance: Maintain your wellness with regular sessions and evaluations.

- Special Conditions: Overcome specific challenges such as smoking addiction, sadness, fear, creative block, post-COVID fatigue, sleep disorder, and social anxiety.

Pcube is backed by research and has 16 patents and patent-pending. Pcube employs evidence-based techniques for effective results. Pcube is also trusted by users and has won several awards for its impactful contribution to mental wellness.

Pcube has a user-friendly interface and a seamless experience. You can easily navigate through the app and customize your preferences. You can also track your progress and get feedback and support.

Ready to start your wellness journey? Download Pcube today and get access to a free trial!